Bring Back The Hat!

Screenshot of Humphrey Bogart from the trailer...

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I have long believed that the hats need a resurgence. Not just any hats, but manly elegant hats. Baseball caps and infantry caps are everywhere. But the elegant hat is a thing of beauty and must be thoughtfully decided upon.

For many years I collected baseball caps. But, as I have matured so have my tastes in hats. Baseball hats are good for going to the game. But, what if you wear suits more often that you get the chance to go to the game? What’s appropriate then for the aging and slightly thinning hair on the man’s head?

This conundrum stirred me to learn something about different styles of hats. I learned about Fedoras, Pork Pies, Derbies, Top Hats, etc…

I currently have a a brown leather Fedora – think Humphrey Bogart. I’m thinking of adding another fine hat. I’m leaning towards a Newsboy or Ivy Cap.

Here’s a good place to learn about different styles of hats. Here’s an interesting article regarding the history of hats.

2 thoughts on “Bring Back The Hat!

  1. Hey thanks for linking to my blog! It seems like we’ve gone through a similar evolution regarding hats! I wore baseball caps for years, but now I find them kind of cliche, and mundane! I love my fedoras, and my driving cap! I’m always looking for other more interesting hats too! Anyway thanks again! I shared your blog post on Twitter and Facebook, and I’m following you now! Take care!

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