The Kindle Fire from Amazon

Amazon launched the Kindle Fire a new reader, at a strong price point last week. It will begin filling shelves November 15, 2011, but pre-orders are already being taken for the $199 gadget. Accessories are also available for the Kindle Fire at this time on the Amazon site.

The Kindle Fire could become Apple’s IPads strongest competition. Although it is still not considered a tablet computer, the Kindle Fire has a multitouch 7 inch color display, a dual core processor, a hybrid Android operating system, runs flash, and will have access to books, movies, TV shows, music, apps, and games. With so much capability, the Kindle Fire may have just blurred the line between reader and tablet computers such as the portlier IPad.

Many that had been holding off on getting  Apple’s IPad due to financial concerns are suddenly thrust back into the possibility of getting a new gadget for Christmas. The $199 price point for the Kindle Fire is a lot more reachable by the non-Applegeek types who feel a small tablet like device is the way of the future but just can’t afford the current IPad (that is a few hundred dollars more).

The stock market also seemed to like the news of the Kindle Fire launch. It had a shortlived morning rally that day in a market atmosphere mixed with fears of global recession.

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