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The “Where’s the beef?” marketing campaign for Wendy’s back in 1984 was a hit. So much so, that for years afterward people would still chuckle to each other upon receiving their burgers and recite the question silently to themselves or to their friends.




Well, it’s back! Wendy’s has launched the campaign again. This time the first commercial starts with a fellow walking into a thrift store and finding an old t-shirt with the phrase on it. He then walks through the streets wearing it all the while having people ask him, “Where’s the beef?”


I don’t know how long or how large of a campaign this will be for Wendy’s this time around, but it’s certainly a start. I hope the campaign takes off again and that a new generation of young people will start uttering the silly question. If so, this time I’ll be the one silently chuckling to myself.


The Week Ending 9/30/2011

The Dow Jones industrial average dropped 240.60 points today, to 10,913.38 on unsettled fears about a possible default by Greece and recession angst globally.

The Dow, S&P 500 and Nasdaq each lost more than 12 percent this quarter.


Bank of America is said to start charging $5 monthly for debit cards to account holders.

Kodak is rumored to have considered bankruptcy, although later denied.

Amazon launched the Kindle Fire, a new reader, at a strong price point. The Fire could become Apple’s IPads strongest competition although it is still not considered a tablet computer. The stock market seemed to like the news of the launch as there was a shortlived morning rally on the news of the spec of the Kindle Fire.