Involvement In Traffic Jams Detrimental to Health

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There was a new story posted today over at the Wall Street Journal of interest to all traffic jam sufferers worldwide. The story cites studies on exhaust fumes and their link to maladies. This test was done by scientists globally.

The results, though circumstantial, find a link between living near highways and slower intelligence, depression, anxiety, autism, and even Alzheimer’s Disease. The results were not that different between race and gender.

The next time you are stuck in gridlock… try keeping that out of your mind. Oh wait… forgetting is part of it, isn’t it? Wait… What were we talking about?

I’m Fat

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I’m not being hard on myself when I say, “I’m fat”. I’m just acknowledging reality. I need to lose 100 pounds to be the skinnier me I prefer. It’s a struggle. But, I don’t give up. In the meantime, I do my best to make fat look awesome!

Calorie Counting – Been there, done that. Too much of a pain to keep track. Even if I do keep track, then I’m constantly hungry because I’ve reached the limit for each meal. Being constantly hungry makes me grumpy. I don’t like being grumpy.

Adkins – Been there, done that too. It’s a little pricier buying so much meat. But, I enjoy meat so much that this was somewhat of a success,… until it wasn’t. I lost 30 lbs immediately and then plateued for months. Then I got bored since I didn’t have any further progress with it. I did like, however, that it opened up my understanding that eating healthier had to be a lifestyle choice and not a “diet”.

The Plate – Tried this too. Unfortunately, it was too close to the Holidays when I tried it. So, it didn’t last long. I should try sticking to the plate again, right after the brownie.

Exercise – This should be done (if doctor approved) with any kind of healthier eating plan. But, I’m just to busy. If I’m not busy, I am unable to afford a gym membership or a discounted membership to the local YMCA. I’m not against exercising. In fact, I enjoy it. It’s just that buying equipment for the home or signing up for a membership somewhere is not in my budget (feeding the kids and doing house repairs are barely there). I am thinking of getting a bicycle,… just as soon as winter’s over. Wait,… Fall only just started! All the same,… I’m keeping an eye out at Yard Sales.